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Facts About Me

I don't post in lj that often. It has been a month since my last post, so I'll put another non-meaning post.

These are 10 facts about my self, especially in writing reviews for my Wordpress blog:
1. I use glasses in real life, but just at class (I don't use it that often).

2. Because of that, I can't see well, begin around this year. I saw blurry face of people from far away. But it's not too difficult, so I'm still not using my glasses! Yeah, even though I must see public bus' number to know its direction, I'm still not using it.

3. And the continuation of it, I must use big font on my Wordpress and find the right theme for it. Sorry, if it's too big compare to any other sites.

4. I have bunnies, but its number reduced this year to 3 by sickness. One of them is very naughty. He always asks for food, jumping on the table or chairs, but I love him! Well, he is really a BRAT, though!! And the fact I am the one taking care of him while he's just a baby (He was born in my house), I'm like his real mother, right? But he doesn't care about me...

5. To write review for PC games, I won't have any trouble. Just open MS. Words and write it anytime my brain already full of it. But for PSP, I often played it in front of my laptop to write its review. Or, maybe, while writing Are You Alice? review, I used my phone's note. Sometimes, because my laptop was being repaired, I must use paper to write it. But it's too troublesome to type it back in MS. Words, so I don't prefer that method.

6. I'm suck at playing rythm game and never take any music lesson. The only class I've ever take beside formal school is English class for just 1.5 years (and that's when I was in elementary school year 3-4? I forgot.). It's because I'm too lazy to go again after coming back from school. That means, I have never had any Japanese lesson in my life instead by studying alone.

7. The only person I love so much in my 22 years of life is my grandmother (from my mom's side). She passed away this year though, and still can't believe it. But gradually, I became fine with it. The fact about her death is a mystery. She didn't feel too sick before (and still can walk on herself), and suddenly after going to hospital twice from June 21st-July 21st, she passed away. And the day before July 21st is my sister's birthday. She still remembers about it. She died when me and my sister were in final exam and half a month before I can graduate properly from university (I hope, January, please!). Oh yeah, I saw her final moments in my home because I was back from morning exam, and then I must go to evening exam in the same day.

8. My favorite singer is Shikata Akiko. She had composed many songs and musics, from Hanakisou, Shadow Hearts 2 & 3, Ar Tonelico, Umineko no Naku Koro ni, etc. Every voices her song had were all her own voice, with different tone. Don't be surprise, because every sounds are all amazing.

9. I often don't write my exam more than 1.5 page F4 paper, compare to usual people, who will write around 2-3 pages. But my grade is still good, and I hope it's cum laude at my final? So, you can find my short review at my first time writing post in Wordpress.

10. Err, what else? I'm doing my thesis now. I'll be busy 'til January and maybe can't play otome games for a while. I really feel sad to not play it, but also can use my freedom sometimes from making review. I hope I won't forget to write review after that crazy month.

That's all. I hope it won't bother you with all my non-meaning facts. Just wrote it to fill my lj... See you next month!
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