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The Future of Two (Wajin Ibunroku ~Asaki, Yumemishi~) – Neverending Dream (Iori Shuuichirou)

Iori Shuuichirou (CV: Takemoto Eiji)

Wajin Asaki CG-082

Saya’s older brother, even though they’re not blood related. Since child, they’re bound to marry each other to merge their precious bloodline. But Shuu is often going out to slay ayakashi as he’s a Yukarimon, a group of ayakashi slayers or something like that, with Akira as his leader.

When talking with Saya, Shuu explains that he’s been to many cities for his job as Yukarimon and many women being his partner. At least it makes Saya a bit jealous. At night, she asks Shuu of what does he think the sacred sword will end up to. Looking at how tenacious Takeru is at practicing, he is sure that it’ll end up to Takeru. On another encounter with him at bus stop, he says he wants to buy pillow in town because he can’t sleep without his lovely pillow which he forgot to bring this time. Saya helps him choose the cute one, but he claims that he wants the one similar in to his liking. So in the end, Saya successfully choose the new blue stripe pillow for Shuu. He accepts whatever she choose anyway.

Wajin Asaki CG-054

Suddenly, while talking about exorcism, Saya says that Takeru is pretty good at it. It makes Shuu asks what does she think of that boy. She says Takeru is pretty cool, which makes Shuu gets mad and stop the conversation. Then before Saya go to another place to do exorcism again, he is saying the first cheering word to work hard to her. Saya became more energetic with it. The onepiece she got from Saeko was said as unsuit to her by Shuu. It’s because he doesn’t want many people to see her skin so much. Thankfully, Kokuu tells Saya of why Shuu behave like that. In her heart, Saya wanted to be woman who is suit to use that dress.

Some time, Shuu met Saeko for the first time while Saya was hiding behind the tree. She saw them looking friendly, even Saeko got too close to him. After Saeko have gone, Shuu tells Saya to come out. He says rather than being with Saeko, Shuu prefers Saya more. Also, there’s this smell of blood. Whether Saeko is human or ayakashi, it’s better not to get too close. When Saya got a cute picnic sheet from Mitsuyo-san, she brought Shuu along to the mountain. They have a nice picnic and surprisingly, Shuu likes the cute pattern on that sheet, which is rare for an adult man. She gave her handmade bentou to him, and he ate it quickly as he got it. Shuu is very happy to eat her handmade. Later, she saw Shuu practicing his swordskill alone. He tells her that his sword is the sword which will protect her.

Wajin Asaki CG-059

The next encounter with Shuu, Saya makes joke that he is waiting for her so they can always meet. Not wanted to fight, Shuu agreeing her words. Then, she is thankful that Shuu was coming to safe her at their first meeting in Yata Village, asking if he will protect her again. Shuu says he’ll protect her no matter what. Then, in the other day, Shuu brings her bag and walking home together. Their hands touches each other but when Saya see him, Shuu might not notice. So, she held his hand and made him chuckling. And then, when Saya fell and hurted her leg, Shuu carried her on his back to go home. It’s like their past of when Shuu found Saya who got lost and carrying her the same way.

Saya got lost and fell from a cliff on rainy day. She wishes Shuu would find her but it seems useless. Though in the end, he really comes to save her. To look at her wound, he opened up her blouse. After seeing she’s alright, Shuu realizes what he has done and gets blushing. He quickly closes it then carrying Saya princess-like. The next story is similar to Kokuu. After meeting Chinkon no Rokushin, Kokuu tells Shuu to bring Saya to take a date together. They are walking through the forest and Shuu says he feels hot with his black clothes. Then, he feels Saya becomes brighter and touches her forehead with his to see if she has catch a fever. The story is the same as in Kokuu’s until Hida comes. After the battle, Saya is thinking through if what she felt towards Shuu is love, though she must also struggle with the fact that she must give birth to his child.

Wajin Asaki CG-070

When Tatsuki lose his bidama when playing with Hayame, Saya offers to search it. She heard Shuu and Kokuu’s conversation about her. Shuu is still thinking it’s better to stop Saya’s job as taimashi because of its danger. So Kokuu suggested him to protect her and support Saya’s thoughts. As for Rurou, he’s in needed to quickly finish his job so Yamato won’t kill his kind. Then, it’s rare for Shuu to wake up in the morning so everyone are very surprise with that. But then, Yamato came to lure Takeru to show the sacred tools. It’s useless for him though.

Meanwhile, when Saya goes on walking alone, she sees Shuu chasing off ayakashi. Giou followed him without Shuu’s knowledge. Of course Kokuu tells Shuu to bring Saya with him if he worried of her condition while he’s fighting ayakashi around the world as usual. But this time, there’s another matter for him, which is his age of 30 years old (Kokuu is also feels shock to hear that for since when he’s 30). For this, Kokuu makes a joke that in Sengoku era, it does not matter. That makes Shuu yells at him to not comparing Sengoku and Heian. Though Kokuu stills warn him to make a quick move or else, another guy will approach Saya. Then, they’re back to serious matter about the broken barrier. Tomorrow they might have to fight with full force. Shuu is thinking to protect Saya in his own way.


The night before the last fight, Shuu goes to Saya’s room and lighting his tobacco. When Saya is nervous, she accidentally said that she love Shuu. The sudden confession makes Shuu also tells that he love her, hugging Saya from her back then saying to get marry with him. Because Saya thinks he hasn’t understood what she means, she explains that it’s a love to a man, not as siblings. So Shuu once again tells it’s the same for him. He hugs her again, proposing it second time and to live together without Iori and Nie’s interference. But this time, Saya won’t do as he wanted because she prefer to be a taimashi and help people in need. But she won’t be together with Shuu.

Wajin Asaki CG-071

Again, Shuu says he wants Saya to be safe and he can become oni to force her. But as expected, Saya won’t lose to her will, choose to fight Shuu with her power. Though it’s just for one attack and Shuu gives her freedom to do as she pleases. He also will persuade the Iori top men to let them have what they wanted. The two shared a kiss like it’s a wedding (No CG for this?). He stayed at her room until late and asked what will they do about Kokuu. If he knows it, he’ll make schedule for their child to be born. So Saya changes her mind and won’t let Kokuu know of their relationships. Too bad it’s all too late that Kokuu is already standing in front of the door and teasing them. After the weird moment for Shuu and Saya, he finally catches her, carrying her princess-like until he go to bed.

Wajin Asaki CG-072

It’s becoming dangerous after Yamato releases Kija’s seal on Kuira. Yamato gives freedom to Saeko and Rurou to run away, but Saeko will stay with him (Now, with CG). She clarifies her thoughts to stay with Yamato until the end so he orders Saeko to not lay a hands on the fight. Just that, and they will bring chaos to the world. Knowing the evil presence, Saya and the others prepared to fight. With Shuu, Takeru, and Chinkon no Rokushin, Saya goes to Yamato’s house so they can fight Kija. But Hida came right before them. Even though Shuu tells Saya to go with Takeru while he fights Hida, Saya keeps staying with him. In the midst before they win against Hida, Yamato took Saya as a hostage with his knife. He ordered Hida to go because she already obey his previous order to not go with the fight. Saya keeps begging Yamato to forgive Hida but he turned mad and said she’s an ugly thing. Feeling betrayed, Hida killed Yamato and became one with him through his flesh and blood.

Looking that Hida is already changed, Shuuichirou quickly fight her, though she can turn the fight upside-down, catching Shuu. She plans to make him her slave, but without her knowledge, Shuu can release his body and killed Hida. Before she died, Hida told her past that she’s just a little snake. Her owner, a woman, betrayed by her lover and died. So with her owner’s blood, Hida became an ayakashi. She wandered along and seeing many women betrayed by men. But the day for her to fall in love comes. Though that guy tried to kill her also. One day, Yamato met her while sleeping, saying how beautiful her scarlet color is. She fell in love to Yamato and think it’s fine if he betray her. Too bad when it’s come true, she can’t suppress her anger and killed Yamato too. In the end, Hida prays so Saya can find happiness with Shuu because she also has helped her with Yamato. Saya then giving her Naohi power so Hida can rest in peace.

Wajin Asaki CG-075

After that, the two of them went to fight Kija with Takeru and Chinkon no Rokushin. When Saya protects Takeru from Kija’s attack, it hurted her leg. Seeing that, Shuu rages in anger and fight Kija. With his power, they can win against Kija. Quickly, Shuu touches Saya’s cheek with his hands, saying she’s cute. Also, he asks if he, who has fearful power, can be with her. Shinato commented that he must be care for Saya with all he had, which she agreed to it. At Saya’s graduation day, Shuu, Kokuu, and Giou had meeting with her. Realizing it’s time to let Shuu be with Saya, Kokuu rushes to go with Giou, leaving them alone. This time, Shuu gave her a proposal ring, to marry Saya as she isn’t a student anymore. Saya accepted his proposal with her thoughts that she will be happy to live with this person.

Wajin Asaki CG-084


Saya is fine to run away from all their problems and from fighting ayakashi, decides to go with Shuu somewhere after they win against Kija. They’ll find a place for them one day and then spend night together. After they’ve won against Hida, she warned Saya to not believing man. But she will trust Shuu no matter what. As they’ve arrived at Kija’s fighting place, Takeru have won it all. Then, at night, Shuu brings Saya to run away together. Shinato appears to ask if they won’t regret it, but they’re still going. Giou and Kokuu then found their letter in the morning, finding out about their escape.

Later, Saya and Shuu lived together at some house. They looks like a happy couple. When Shuu goes out until late, suddenly, Saya feels scared if he won’t come back, just as Hida warned her not to trust man. She goes outside to search for him, crying and thinking he won’t be back anymore. But Shuu finally found her, hugging Saya and told his feeling for her is love. Even though she has abandoned her trust for Shuu once, Saya keeps apologizing but she also will find her happiness with Shuu.

Wajin Asaki CG-078
Shuu is my favorite and I'm glad his bad ending didn't contain about dying. He has more doki-doki situation with Saya and I'm very happy for his story to be cuter than others. Long live Shuu!! Too bad his story is too short, if compared to Takeru. Nah, whatever it is, Shuu is cute!
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